Handpicked Maryland Crab meat

Jumbo Lump, Lump, Back fin and Claw and Smith Island Deluxe crab meat are picked daily from local crabs and you can be sure the quality and price are the best around. All of the crab meat we sell is from crabs harvested in the Chesapeake bay. We offer Maryland crab meat year round and in season we also offer the crab meat handpicked by the Smith Island Crab Co-op Many of our great customers are themselves waterman and often commend us on the quality of our crab meat. We can help you choose which is right for your dish and even offer several local cookbooks for ideas.

MD Soft Shell Crabs

Mediums, Hotels, Primes, Jumbos and Whales are names locals use to describe the different sizes of soft-shell crabs. As the Blue crab grows it periodically sheds its entire shell and for a brief period the whole crab is very soft and becomes an easy to prepare Delmarva treat. We buy soft shells almost daily directly from local waterman and offer them in half dozens or dozens. They are cleaned and individually wrapped, ready to cook or save in the freezer for later. Easy to follow recipe is included on label.

Chincoteague Little Neck Clams

Chincoteague Island Virginia is about a half hour away and is home to among other things the best clams in the country. We have local waterman deliver them daily pre-counted, in bags of 50. We find the Little Neck clams to be the most versatile size for steaming, clams casino or whatever your taste.

Chincoteague Oysters

In addition to the little neck clams, Chincoteague is the source location for the most sought after mollusks, the native sea side oysters. They having slowly grown in the ever salty Atlantic Ocean seaside estuaries, have a distinctively salty flavor and an inherently unique shape. We offer them in the shell and shucked by the pint.

Chesapeake Bay Select Oysters

The Chesapeake Bay is notorious for its rich history of oyster harvest. We continue to offer this shore treat in the shell and shucked by the pint.

Fresh Sea Scallops

In Season we offer very large fresh and fresh frozen local sea scallops packed in 1 lb packages in their own inherently salty natural essence. A real “Delmarvalous” treat easy to prepare and sure to please.