Fresh Local Produce

Supersweet White Corn (our namesake!)

The super sweet white corn that we sell is what helped us gain our reputation for quality. It is picked fresh daily and, unlike other sweet corn, the SuperSweet varieties have more sugar and retain it much longer. Even though we sell it fresh daily a customer could keep it for several days and it would be as sweet as fresh picked.


We Pick: We also grow Chandler strawberries, which we harvest for resale in our market. These are also delicious and yield several weeks earlier than most other berries, usually beginning around late April until late June. We cover the entire patch with a special cloth to help keep them warm and allow early spring growth. The irrigation on all of our fields is a drip type so the moisture and nutrients go straight to the roots and not to runoff.

Fruits and Vegetables

The Eastern Shore yields many marvelous fresh fruits & Vegetables from which we sell only the very best we can obtain. We offer an overwhelming selection of quality local produce as well as products only available from other regions. In certain seasons, when those items aren’t available locally, we are fortunate to have connections. Many in the Southeast and others across the country help us continue the same quality until our harvest arrives. This helps us maintain an astonishing inventory all season but certain items are special treats offered only at their peak locally. These include:

  • Spring - Strawberries, Asparagus, English Peas, etc.
  • Summer - Blackberries, Peaches, etc.
  • Fall - White Hayman Sweet Potatoes, Butternut, Acorn and Spaghetti Squash, Pumpkins of all sorts, many apple varieties like Stayman Winesap, Lima Beans, turnips & fresh greens, etc.

Fruit Baskets

Whether you are looking for an Easter or Mothers day gift, a basket for a sweetheart or even sick friend, we can put together an attractive and healthy combination to fit the occasion. While many request fresh fruit and often a sampling of our jams and jellies in their basket, we also do many with dried fruits, nuts, and candy or even a gardener’s delight with gloves, trowel, seeds and the like.