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Fruitlandii Elaeagnusis a sprawling shrub that shoots scores of long branchless stems into the air during the growing season. If  left unpruned this beautiful shrub will form a symmetrical mound of foliage that is up to 10 ft high and 10 ft in diameter, the ultimate size being dependent on variety and climate. The slender young stems are very pliable and very fast growing. Elaeagnus is fast growing, easy to care for and tolerant of a wide variety of conditions but prefers full sun, dry soil and is salt tolerant The sweet fragrance of the flowers, reminiscent of gardenia, will delight in the autumn and winter garden. Silverthorn is very easy to grow and is bothered by few pests. Best of all it is a very fast grower - perfect for quickly creating a green background at the edge of your property. habitat. The dense tangle of stems provide perfect sites for nests and the small red fruits will feed hungry songbirds during the winter. Be warned, however, silverthorn is not a good shrub for small areas as it will require constant pruning to keep in bounds - select one of the dwarf cultivars for tight spaces.