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 Juniperus chinensis "Toulosa"  -  HOLLYWOOD JUNIPER

Torulosa or Hollywood  Juniper grows into a narrow cone shape when young, then opens up as the plant ages . Although the main body of its foliage is as thick it's branches delicately twisted and upright emerge gracefully all around the plant, in almost a flame-like manner. It may grow to 10 to 15 feet tall in 15 years, perhaps leaning to one side in a picturesque manner. Do not expect a row of them to provide a uniform shape since crown form varies.  Hollywood or Torulosa Juniper develops into a showcase specimen without pruning and is probably best used for this purpose. Planted on four to six-foot centers, it can develop into a thick screen which could be useful along a driveway, where a narrow, bright green screen is often needed to create privacy.
Growing best in full sun, more open in partial shade, Torulosa Juniper needs well-drained soil or it will decline from root rot. It tolerates alkaline soil, drought-tolerant and highly salt tolerant. Root regeneration is slow after transplanting from a field nursery you will have better performance when container bought.