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 This rapidly growing landscape evergreen has fine, feathery, soft-green pointed needles on flattened branches. Needles turn dark blue-green in maturity. Matures to a noble, dense, pyramidal outline. Tolerates many soils, and should be grown in full sun. Grows 60'-70' with a 15'-25' spread. (Zones 6-10)  This rapidly-growing tree quickly outgrows its space in a typical yard unless properly and regularly trimmed. Leyland cypress only lives for twenty to twenty-five years. I've found that trees left to grow large may have limited root support and are the first to blow down during high winds. You should consider the work needed to maintain a Leyland cypress before planting. Leyland cypress is also very susceptible to seiridium canker.




 Seiridium canker is visible on scattered twigs or branches killed by the fungus that turn bright reddish brown, and are in striking contrast to the dark green healthy foliage. Fruiting bodies of the fungus appear on the bark surface of the cankers as small circular black dots barely visible to the naked eye. Spores of the fungus are spread to other parts of an infected tree, or from tree to tree by water splash from rain or irrigation. The fungus also can be spread from tree to tree on pruning tools.