Screening Plants

There are times when you need a privacy barrier for your property. Maybe you have a pool in the backyard or maybe you just don't want others to be able to see everything that goes on. Whatever the reason, there are many options available to provide you with that needed privacy. A 6' fence works great in certain situations but often a more natural looking green wall that grows bigger and better with time is the way to go.

Evergreen vs. Deciduous (leafy vs. sticks):

Evergreens are great for year round privacy, they do grow a little slower and have a couple of potential problems if not addressed on the front end.  Winter burn from water loss due to inadequate moisture in the fall preceding current Winter.  Southern exposure issues with confused inter-cellular frozen water thawing then freezing when the sun goes down killing the cells, and perceived crowding.  Deciduous plants are great because of rapid growth, foliage color variation, blooms and leaf movement.  Screens with both evergreen and deciduous plants give the best of both worlds.  Most evergreens are generally triangular in shape while most deciduous trees are the opposite, planting together will help give you a great full instant block.  Planting screens are meant to be planted close together to allow the branches/needles to grow together and “block” the desired view.

Desired Traits for Privacy Plants:

  • Fast-growing
  • Evergreen
  • Broad, dense leaves
  • Able to tolerate trimming