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So pretty—so unique! This new pink blueberry provides year-round beauty and interest. Pinkish-white, bell-shaped blooms appear in spring. Summer brings pale green fruit that quickly turns deep pink for harvest. Autumn leaves are bright orange and red. Fruit is deliciously sweet and mild; nice firm texture. Prefers full sun.


Blueberry bushes like full sun, well-drained very acidic soil (sandy, acidic soils in a pH range of 4.0 to 5.0 is best). You can add sulfur, peat or other acidic soil amendments to get it to a good pH for blueberries. To be sure of good cross-pollination among your bushes, be sure to plant two cultivars of blueberries. Pick the flowers off the blueberry bushes, preventing them from fruiting, for the first summer. This forces the bush to put its energy into growing strong roots and better branching to give good fruit crops in following years. When the bushes begin to bud in the spring, mulch around the base with a light layer of mulch, and apply an acid-producing fertilizer such as for azaleas. Blueberries like moisture because they're shallow-rooted, so remember that they cannot dig down deep into the soil for their drink.  If you allow your blueberry bush to dry out while it is flowering, chances are good that it won’t set fruit.  While they need moist soil, it should also be freely draining and high in organic matter.