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 Concorde is a small variety barberry standing only about 18 inches tall. Concorde almost like a purple, deciduous boxwood and these two shrubs look nice together. The leaf shape is very similar in look to a boxwood but with deep burgundy purple foliage. Concorde can be clipped close into a mounded shape or if planted tightly it makes a great short decorative hedge. It would look great as a living wall around a rose garden or other semi-formal areas. The foliage contrasts nicely with purple, pink or red flowers as well as yellow or lime green foliage.


The thorns on the barberry shrub make them great for deterring deer and other animals. I would not call them deer resistant as I have seen them damage by deer. Another use of the barberry shrub is as a security plant. The thorns on the barberry might deter unwanted visitors.