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Dwarf Alberta Spruce is a dense, cone-shaped, semi-dwarf to dwarf shrub form with soft bright green foliage. It matures very slowly to 10-13 feet tall and 3 to 5 feet wide with a slow growth rate is 2-4" per year. Cones are rarely produced. Plant in full sun to partial sun best performance occurs in full sun in a moist, well-drained soil, sited a few feet away from any other hardscape structure, plant, or artificial irrigation, so that airflow and sunshine will remove moisture from the very dense foliage.  Insects (especially mites) will infest the plant sooner or later, especially in areas of the shrub that are more prone to repeated Spring and Summer wetness (such as the backside of the shrub next to a wall or foundation after a rain, the bottom one-third above the morning dew, or the lawn side next to an irrigation system); infestations will lead to localized stem and needle death, which will make the plant very unsightly; for this reason, Dwarf Alberta Spruce should only be used with discretion in areas with good air circulation and possibly with an annual pesticide preventive application program
Plants are often trimmed into topiary forms when grown in containers.