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Helleborus, interspecific hybrid ‘HGC Pink Frost’:

This is another great addition to the Helleborus Gold Collection® from Heuger breeding.  The plant is aggressive and has lots of flowers. The flowers are numerous and have a unique pinkish-white two tone effect when they first open. As the 2-3” flowers mature they darken to a deep red on the plant. The plant stands 12-14” tall.


Helleborus plants flower at various times throughout the winter and early spring when there is little else in bloom. Shade tolerant, winter blooming, deer-resistant plants. Position them into a site with partial shade or preferably under deciduous trees, as this will allow them to receive sunlight in winter. However make sure that there is some protection from strong winter winds. All varieties of hellebore prefer a sheltered position away from the effects of cold winter winds that can damage emerging flower buds and leaves. They will also appreciate plenty of organic matter such as moss peat or leaf mold mixed into the soil before planting – this can be topped up with fresh mulch every spring. If you are designing a group planting scheme then set the plants about 12-15 inches apart, but if you have a choice plant them into a deep, fertile, well draining but moist soil. If possible the soil should be either neutral or slightly alkaline, but they can tolerate acidic soils if necessary.